Writing is the most common classification for communication-intensive courses at LSU. So it goes without saying that this is our most-practiced mode of communication. Here are a few of my writing samples.

Electoral College Op-Ed

In the Fall of 2012, I wrote an op-ed about the Electoral College and had it published, both in The Advocate (circulated to the entire state of LA) on October 24 and The Daily Reveille (circulated to LSU students) on September 6.

While the article does suggest a pattern of voting, I consider it to be about political science rather than politics, since it does not support/criticize any political policies or assign qualities to any candidate. Its main purpose is to get people thinking about flaws in the voting system (It was written shortly after I read Gaming the Vote, by William Poundstone). In fact, I call it a satire, in that its explicit purpose (to have people vote a certain way) is different from its actual purpose (to get people to think about flaws in our voting system).

Its purpose on this site is to show my writing proficiency: my ability to communicate a point, follow formal guidelines, identify the audience, organize ideas, and package it all in a provocative way to as to catch the reader's attention. Click here to see the full text.

Travel Blog

Andrew In Ubaye Valley is the blog I kept while in Europe for the summer of 2012. It mostly contains informally-styled text, with occasional pictures. The blog mainly served to inform my friends/family about my travels, to allow others to travel vicariously, and to function as a journal (which is why it can be quite wordy at times). Normally I would not mix so many purposes into one work, but obviously there were other practical considerations, like the lack of time and computer access.

In hindsight, if I had known that this journal-type blog would one day be formally presented, I would have been more clear and concise with my posts.

Explanation of (and Documentation for) My Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm

My 10-page MATH 4025 term paper details my original optimization algorithm (see also: my Software Development page). The report marks my first experience with LaTeX. It can be found here or previewed here:

The Prisoner's Dilemma and Applications

My SOCL 2002 term paper on game theory shows my ability to thoroughly research a subject using reliable sources and to compile/present information. It can be downloaded here or previewed here: