Speaking and presentation skills are extremely important in fostering teamwork and collaboration among any group. Here are some examples of experience I've had both in and out of the classroom.

Naval Research Laboratory End-of-Summer Presentation

I wrote and presented a PowerPoint slideshow on my research accomplishments over the summer of 2011. My presentation was practiced in front of my section (~6 people) and formally given to the branch (qty of people unknown) later. I consider it my finest example of my speaking skills to date, but unfortunately I have no video of the presentation due to the red tape involved with using a video camera in a military research facility. It was only after the presentation that I was granted permission to publish the slides in my portfolio.

French Proficiency

Andrew Elias - in Paris

I've received credit for 7 French courses (totalling 23 credit hours) at LSU.

In the Summer of 2012, I travelled to Europe with LSU in the French Alps, staying in a small town in France for a full month. The academic program was a full French immersion program, during which time my language skills improved greatly. Incidentally, I also have a traveller's knowledge of German and Spanish.

Since moving to Canada I've had other practical opportunities to use my French. I judged the French section of Vancouver Regional Science Fair, in which all presentations are written and spoken in French, and the judges ask questions in French. And in the summer of 2017 I attended summer school at Université de Sherbrooke in Québec (PHYS 851: Conférence étudiante en physique; and PHYS 856: Sujets spécialisés en physique III). Courses were held in English, but casual conversations occasionally were in French.

Ethanol Lab Report

For HNRS 1007, our five-person groups presented well-researched, 20-minute lab reports on specific topics. Our group's presentation was "Ethanol as a Biofuel," and my specific topic was "The Efficiency and Cost-Friendliness of Ethanol as a Biofuel."


For CHEM 1422, my lab partner and I presented three chemistry lessons to middle school classrooms. We presented lessons on solubility and atmospheric composition. The class size was approximately 30. These pictures are from the lecture on atmospheric composition, involving liquid nitrogen.