Because communication skills can and do grow outside of the classroom in addition to the expected academic settings, I have provided a short description of some of my less-academic activities.

Clubs, Activities, Organizations

I've been involved with a few LSU organizations (listed in decreasing order of my involvement):

  • Actuarial Student Association
  • intramural soccer
  • Math Club (Mu Alpha Theta)
  • Leading Streak, Geaux Lead
  • Ballroom Dance Club
  • intramural volleyball
  • intramural softball
  • intramural battleship (obscure sport involving canoes)
  • club water polo


The art of photography is a hobby that happens to help me hone my general visual communication skills. The photographic process also involves digital editing, which I appreciate for its technical nature.

Here is a sample of images from my Summer 2012 trip to Europe. Please view them in fullscreen (button at upper-right of images), otherwise they appear oversharpened.

And here is a selection of photographs taken near New Iberia, LA while experimenting with various visual forms. Some have won local photography contests.


  • helped UN representatives analyze survey data at DataKind's Fall 2013 Data Dive. See my results.
  • helped set up emergency medical facilities in preparation for Hurricane Isaac
  • judged a high school science fair at my alma mater
  • led my BSA Eagle Scout project to build a new dressing room for a local community theatre

Here I am putting some hands-on involvement into the Eagle Scout Project I led:

Eagle Scout Project. Copyright Gerald Elias, used with permission.

Music: Guitar

I haven't played much guitar since high school, but it's an on/off hobby and a great way to meet people. Presented in reverse-chronological order.

on guitar. Copyright Gerald Elias, used with permission.

I played guitar (half of a two-man orchestra) in Cité des Arts's Bat Boy: The Musical, a modern rock musical, as well as acting as an extra in the chorus.

And here's my Victor-Wooten-inspired rendition of Amazing Grace using only harmonics, accompanied by assorted art projects from before high school.

One of my first recording attempts was The Office (U.S.) theme song, and at the time it was my biggest arrangement yet:


Again, this is also not my strength; it's just an on/off hobby and a great way to meet people.

(see also: Bat Boy: The Musical above)

In IPAL's Oklahoma!, I played the banjo as 'banjo Sam' and sang/danced in the chorus. See the newspaper article.

In IPAL's Little Shop of Horrors, as plant puppeteer/engineer, I was responsible for the movements and upkeep of the show's biggest character: Audrey II.